How to Hire a DUI Lawyer?

For many years, millions of drivers are arrested for DUI (Driving Under the Influence). If you haven’t experienced it yet, a DUI arrest can be extremely stressful. However, whenever you’re dealing with this type of situation it is vital that you keep your composure as much as possible.  

If you’re getting arrested for DUI, the best thing you can do is to hire a professional DUI lawyer. However, how will you hire one? Is a simple search of “DUI lawyer near me” on Google enough to find a reliable lawyer? Here are a couple of tips you should know: 

Think About the Size of the Company 

While you are searching for a DUI lawyer for yourself, the size of the company that the lawyer is working for is also crucial. You will have higher possibilities of having representation in every hearing and matter. Aside from that, there will be more attention and time put into your case.  

Furthermore, there’s a high possibility that the company will have a person with excellent standing with any prosecutors or law enforcement involved in your case. Because of this, there will be no lack of professionalism and prejudice that can affect your case.  

Be Ready to Ask Questions 

Having an excellent list of questions can help you know more specifics about any attorney and provides you the possibility to see their reactions. You do not have to ask all questions. However, it is still excellent to have a list. Here are a couple of questions you should consider asking: 

  • Can you meet me in person or talk to me over the phone if required? 
  • How often do you have a client request a plea deal before performing a jury trial or filing pre-trial motions? 
  • Have you ever spoken at a workshop or taught other DUI attorneys about effective DUI defense? 
  • How many DUI attorney seminars have you attended in the previous year? 
  • Do you have access to investigators and experts in DUI cases? 
  • What percentage of your practice is aimed at DUI defense? 
  • Do you have enough employees to cover representing me in both DUI court and DMV hearings? 
  • What lawyer will you get for your representation if you’re charged with your own DUI? 
  • How many DUI jury trials have you defended effectively? 

Don’t Represent Yourself 

Of course, you can represent your own. Unfortunately, it isn’t recommended. Getting ready for an actual trial includes a very steep learning curve. If you don’t have the knowledge and skills needed, you’re only going to negatively affect yourself in the court. Also, judges are typically extremely impatient with defendants who represent themselves. This is particularly true if they’re ignorant of the rules of the courtroom. 

Be Honest 

When hiring a DUI lawyer, you’ve got to be honest with yourself about your situation. It does not matter if you’re guilty or not, a professional DUI lawyer can help you sort out everything as long as you are being honest. With this, the lawyer can create a perfect plan to proceed with your best interests.