How to Maintain Your New Lawn 

Keeping your lawn healthy takes patience and labor. You have to do things like mowing, careful watering and fertilization so the lawn resists weeds and disease. It takes the right approach to be able to achieve this. In line with that, Landscaping, Augusta, GA is sharing with you some tips on how to keep your lawn healthy, especially if it’s a new one.  


Step 1: Prepare the Area 

If the lawn is yet to be installed, you have to prepare the area for planting. Get a sod cutter of grape hoe and remove old weeds and grass. If the weeds are stubborn, you might use a broadleaf herbicide to remove them. Grade the soil 2% slope which runs away from the building. If you don’t know the condition of your soil yet, perform a soil test. Make sure to water the soil and let it settle for just a week.  

Step 2: Choose the Grass 

You will have a healthy lawn if the grass specie you’ll plant is suitable for the soil condition, climate and use patterns of your lawn. Be specific with the specie you want to plant. If you want to have a lawn sooner or faster, then you can pick a sod. But if you can wait for months then you can pick the seed.  

Step 3: Install the Lawn 

Now is the time to install your lawn. You can make the task easier by breaking the space into sections. If you picked seeds, plant it by sowing half the seeds walking in parallel rows. You can use a lawn spreader to do this. Sow the second rows at right angles to the first row. Gently rake 3mm of soil over the seeds. If you opted for sod, remove few inches of soil first before laying the sods end to end in staggered rows. This is to make the sod on level with the surrounding area. Get a utility knife and trim the edges.  

Step 4: Water the Lawn 

If you planted seeds, water it right away after you sow. Just do the watering lightly so you won’t wash away the seeds. Repeat the process to keep the soil moist. Do this until the seed germinates, usually about 2 weeks after planting. If you used sods, water after you installed it. Use a full lawn roller so the sod is compacted against the soil base. Water the soil for 10 days.  

Step 5: Stay Off 

You now have your fresh lawn, so you have to take precautions as to not destroy. Avoid walking on the new lawn for a week after you install it (for the sod option). Go easy on the lawn for the first month. The seeds will take longer to grow. Avoid walking on it, and wait until the grass blades appear. You can use the lawn, but only lightly for the next 6 months. If the lawn is seed-grown, don’t mow it until the grass is 4 inches tall.  


How Beneficial is a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service? 

Nowadays, there are so many commercial spaces that have rugs or carpets and keeping them well maintained and clean can certainly do magic to the business. Certainly, professional commercial carpet cleaning service providers can help a lot in maintaining and improving your commercial building’s overall appearance since poorly maintained and dirty carpet flooring can be able to make your working environment appear unprofessional and dirty.  

 Carpet Cleaning Service

On the other hand, a lot of companies don’t make carpet cleaning as a part of their top priorities or they do not have enough resources to effective clean their carpeting on their own. Fortunately, there are professional and experienced carpet cleaning service providers that can be able to provide businesses with high quality carpet cleaning services in order to help keep your carpet flooring free from dirt, stains, as well as other debris.  

In this article, you will be able to learn some of the many reasons why you need to maintain the carpets of your commercial building clean and presentable at all times. 

Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaning Service is a Great Choice 

Depending on the amount of carpeting your business or office has, it’s definitely not advisable to do all the cleaning on your own or with the help of unqualified individuals and just rent carpet cleaning equipment. This is because carpet cleaning needs proper knowledge, experience and skills in order to achieve quality results and this will only be done by qualified carpet cleaning professionals. 

Clean Carpeting Can Make Lasting Impression to Customers 

The moment visitors, employees and clients come to your building, the condition of your working environment greatly affects the impression that these people get of your business. Therefore, keeping your carpet well maintained and cleaned at all times with the help of a professional carpet cleaning service provider will not only help in improving the looking of your carpeting, but they will also enhance the appearance of your working space as a whole and it will help in making a better impression on your clients, business partners, employees as well as other visitors.  

A visually appealing and clean carpet can also be a whole lot welcoming as well as help in improving the feel of your business that can certainly go a long way in making great first impressions to a lot of people. 

Clean Carpets and Rugs Can Improve the Quality of Air in a Commercial Space 

Dirt, dust, as well as other debris that set deeply into the fibers of your carpet can eventually spread into the air inside your office and can cause odors as well as respiratory infections. With the use of harsh chemicals in order to clean your carpeting, the process can potentially contribute to unpleasant smells and adverse health effects. 

Fortunately, professional commercial carpet cleaning services can be able to effectively and efficiently remove any debris from your carpet in order to prevent it from spreading into the air that you, your employees, clients and visitors breathe. Professional commercial carpet cleaning service providers also make sure that they only use qualified cleaning products that don’t contain harmful chemicals.  

Thus, your commercial building will certainly be free from any unpleasant smells as well as regular professional carpet cleaning procedure by rapid city carpet cleaning service will also greatly contribute to much healthier indoor air for everyone inside the commercial building. 


Causes of Leaning Walls and Repairs 

Unfortunately, most homeowners really have to face the bowing or leaning walls at any given time. Even though there are only a few various ways which the walls may start to lean or bow, the usual cause is actually, the foundation settling. As a matter of fact, the integrity of the structure starts with the foundation and the moment the foundation starts to shift, the next thing to move are the walls. The hazard with bowing walls is that plenty of wall movements of your house will cause other structures of your house to shift.  

Leaning Walls

The roof atop the walls won’t stay in place the moment your walls start to shift. In addition to that, when the walls start to bow or lean, the cracks will most likely form, resulting to the water eventually penetrating your walls from the outside. Furthermore, these cracks may spread from the walls to the other areas of your home as well. That is why when you recognize any structural damages to your walls, the best way in order to avoid further damage is by getting a professional and expert Enid foundation repair service provider. 

Causes of Bowing or Leaning Walls 

The primary cause of leaning or bowing walls is the pressure. The excess pressure may come from the shifting of your foundation or having too much weight or load on top of your house which your home’s walls can no longer support. The foundation damage may also be a result of a lot of factors such as your home’s age, poor water runoff, roots from trees nearby, excess moisture in the ground surrounding your house. Whatever the real cause may be, it is very essential to determine and fix the issue as soon as possible before further damages occur. A certified and reputable foundation repair service provider will be able to determine the main cause of bowing or leaning walls as well as fix the damages, present and the future. 

 Fixing Leaning or Bowing Walls 

As a matter of fact, there are some ways which a leaning or bowing wall could be fixed. No matter what the strategy, the major key to fixing bowing or leaning walls is by applying counter pressure. The wall anchors may be utilized for underground, bowing walls, since they hold into the soil around the walls in order to fully stabilize them. Aside from that, the plate is connected to the inside area of your walls, then tightened slowly so the walls move back into the original position. The helical piers, on the other hand, may be utilized to fix the outside of your walls by relieving pressure as well as providing support on your home’s foundation. In addition to that, the helical piers are being screwed properly into the surface and afterwards, used in lifting your foundation back to its original position.  

Likewise, the push piers may also provide support to your foundation through relieving some pressures when shifts occur. To finish the process of repair, we transfer your foundation to the specifically intended place and apply counter pressure to the bowing or leaning walls. Once the pier or anchor is in position to give support, then you can now be relieved that the walls of your house will no longer lean or bow ever again.