Elimination of Trash

Trash, an object that everyone has in their houses, apartment, work, street, and etc. Trash is very common in our earth, it’s common and harmful. It can result to natural disasters such as earthquakes, climate change, tsunamis, storms, and more, it can also result to sickness such as diarrhea, vomiting, malaria diseases, and hundreds of other. In this article we’ll discuss on how to do trash removal so, our world and ourselves would be much safer and healthy.

Performing the 3 Rs

As you may or may not know, the three Rs are a way of eliminating trash. The three Rs consist of three words or ways: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


Reduce is to decrease the amount of trash that we are using each day. Like buying more biodegradable objects, try not to buy plastics that aren’t necessary for your daily life and etc. To make it into simpler words, we could reduce trash by not buying trash.


Reuse is to use objects again so it won’t turn into a trash. In reusing things, you should reuse as much objects as you can, if you reuse an item you should know its properties before reusing it.


Recycling is similar to reusing but instead of using it into the same object, recycling is turning a useless item such as trash and turn it into a useful one. Performing DIYs is also a way of recycling unless you buy useless things and make it into a DIY object.

Objects to recycle and how to recycle it

The most common device use in recycling is plastic, plastic isn’t just dangerous it can also help a lot in our daily lives. Although I recommend not use a lot of plastic but if you do have plastic laying around your house, you can showcase a way of recycling such as DIY.

Plastic Planters – To perform this DIY, you’ll need a plastic bottle, scissors or cutter, and extra items for decorating. You just need to cut the plastic bottle in the desire size you want and decorate the bottle till your heart is content and voila you’re done.

Big Laundry Detergent Bottles Watering Can – To perform this recycling method, you’ll need a big laundry detergent bottles, driller or some device that can poke holes onto plastic. Get your bottle and secure the top tightly and just drill some holes to the lid, you’re done.

Milk Carton Garden Scooper – To showcase this method, you’ll need a milk carton, and a sharp device so you can cut your milk carton with. Get your milk carton and cut the holder with some of the body of the milk carton, cut it in a way for it to look and feel like a garden scooper and you’re finish.

With those 3 DIYs you can probably manage a small garden if you want to. We hoped that you learned more about trash elimination and performing the three Rs. We also hope that you will have a safer life in terms of health.


Preparation Methods Before Selling Your House

Preparing your home or house and even the apartment where you stay is very important in order for you to have a better chance of selling it to others. You have to do lots of things to prepare the house in order for the new buyer and owner of it would not feel disappointed after they see the house. You could do the cleaning of the floor and other stuff including the furniture and the carpet and it can be clean by hiring a carpet cleaning Ogden to do. You need to fix things immediately so people who are going to look at it would feel comfortable of buying it and to make sure that it’s in good condition.

There are also some reminders that everyone should consider and things every house owner should do before doing anything. It could help you with this matter to attract the buyers from buying it and to avoid confusion and misleading information to those potential buyers and clients.

Avoid putting a signage outside your house if you are not so sure of the time that you can sell it or to accept people to look at the house. If you would say that you already posted a sign and you are also undergoing the fixing process of the damage, the walls, and even the roofs. It would give a lower chance of selling it to a prospective buyer and they would be hesitant to make transactions to you because of this undergoing matter. You need to make sure as well that the house is organize when it comes to the stuff inside and it is properly clean before the visitors get in.

In cleaning your house, you should make sure that there will be no dirt or stain on the floor and the carpet to avoid complains from the new owner. Make sure as well that you would dust the furniture and the appliances that will be included in the selling of the home or apartment. Of course, you should not forget the comfort room’s toilet bowl and floor and the kitchen’s sink and tables should be sparking to attract them when looking at the place. Some women are very picky when it comes to the closet or drawer as they wanted to see it without anything in there and it should be newly painted.

If there’s a garden or even a small backyard or garage space, then you should also clean this part as they don’t want to see it in a messy way. You could cut the grass growing there or hire a gardener to make sure that plants are in a good condition and growing properly as this could help you.

Some house owners are taking care of some pets and this should be a good reminder to clean the area where your pet is staying to remove the waste. It is great if the owners would smell the area or place pleasantly as they don’t need to worry about how to remove those unpleasant odor