How to Maintain Your New Lawn 

Keeping your lawn healthy takes patience and labor. You have to do things like mowing, careful watering and fertilization so the lawn resists weeds and disease. It takes the right approach to be able to achieve this. In line with that, Landscaping, Augusta, GA is sharing with you some tips on how to keep your lawn healthy, especially if it’s a new one.  


Step 1: Prepare the Area 

If the lawn is yet to be installed, you have to prepare the area for planting. Get a sod cutter of grape hoe and remove old weeds and grass. If the weeds are stubborn, you might use a broadleaf herbicide to remove them. Grade the soil 2% slope which runs away from the building. If you don’t know the condition of your soil yet, perform a soil test. Make sure to water the soil and let it settle for just a week.  

Step 2: Choose the Grass 

You will have a healthy lawn if the grass specie you’ll plant is suitable for the soil condition, climate and use patterns of your lawn. Be specific with the specie you want to plant. If you want to have a lawn sooner or faster, then you can pick a sod. But if you can wait for months then you can pick the seed.  

Step 3: Install the Lawn 

Now is the time to install your lawn. You can make the task easier by breaking the space into sections. If you picked seeds, plant it by sowing half the seeds walking in parallel rows. You can use a lawn spreader to do this. Sow the second rows at right angles to the first row. Gently rake 3mm of soil over the seeds. If you opted for sod, remove few inches of soil first before laying the sods end to end in staggered rows. This is to make the sod on level with the surrounding area. Get a utility knife and trim the edges.  

Step 4: Water the Lawn 

If you planted seeds, water it right away after you sow. Just do the watering lightly so you won’t wash away the seeds. Repeat the process to keep the soil moist. Do this until the seed germinates, usually about 2 weeks after planting. If you used sods, water after you installed it. Use a full lawn roller so the sod is compacted against the soil base. Water the soil for 10 days.  

Step 5: Stay Off 

You now have your fresh lawn, so you have to take precautions as to not destroy. Avoid walking on the new lawn for a week after you install it (for the sod option). Go easy on the lawn for the first month. The seeds will take longer to grow. Avoid walking on it, and wait until the grass blades appear. You can use the lawn, but only lightly for the next 6 months. If the lawn is seed-grown, don’t mow it until the grass is 4 inches tall.  

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